• Matthew Neuringer – President
  • Benjamin Hall – Vice President - Organizational Members
  • Ali Lauzon - Vice President - Individual Members
  • Joshua Lanning – Treasurer
  • Katayoun Sadeghi – Secretary

  • Jono Dingle – Meridiam
  • Benjamin Hall – John Laing
  • Joshua Lanning - CIBC
  • Matthew Neuringer - Ashurst
  • Alex Jerome - InstarAGF
  • Noah Jolley – Individual Member Director
  • Marianna Torres – Louis Berger
  • Simon Shekleton - Transurban
  • Branden Kelley - US Facilities, Inc.
  • Judah Gluckman - DCOP3
  • Courtney Laidlaw – PANYNJ
  • Julian Gonsalves - WSP

Our Current organizational members


YPI will seek to cultivate a network of current and future leaders in infrastructure development across the US with a focus on bringing together young professionals between the public and private sectors. YPI plans to hold at least two events annually, along with other more frequent, but more casual events for its members each year. These events will help facilitate opportunities for members to build collaborative and lasting relationships and to promote knowledge sharing across disciplines and organizations.

In addition to strengthening its own members through career development opportunities, YPI believes it is necessary to cultivate the future of the P3 industry by encouraging and educating the best and brightest undergraduate and graduate students interested in the infrastructure and P3 industries. By providing mentoring and career assistance to the next generation of young infrastructure professionals, YPI will help to ensure that such future professionals are better placed to drive value for the industry and our membership at an earlier stage in their careers.  

key objectives

The mission of Young Professionals in Infrastructure (YPI) is to facilitate meaningful relationships among professionals in the infrastructure sector in order to (i) increase knowledge transfer and best practices within the industry and (ii) encourage continued growth of alternative procurement models for the development of critical infrastructure projects in the United States. 

Networking, mentoring and career development, knowledge sharing across disciplines, and advocacy of public-private partnership financing and other methods of efficient procurement of infrastructure projects, will be among the ways in which the organization will accomplish its mission. 

Our founding organizations